The best way to deal with “Windows Tech Support” scammers: keep them on the phone as long as possible, so they can’t call other, more gullible people.

By the way, if anyone would like to give “Annie” a return call, her number is (281) 393-8035. I recommend telling her you run Linux and don’t have a Windows key. Or better yet, you have a Dvorak keyboard.

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It’s SO GOOD. RT @JoyAnnReid: No other article better captures my thoughts on the Hobby Lobby decision @NYMag:

Leave work at work: How to properly end your day

Here’s Greg’s story on which the @radiolab piece was based

Digging up my Jewish roots in my grandfather’s Ukrainian village: h/t @thedavidkalis


"I don’t see much of a future for Office," he says before ticking off the pillars of the Office bundle. "Word has no future. Google Docs has replaced it. Quip and other things for tablet are better."

"Then there’s Keynote. All of Silicon Valley has moved to Keynote," he says.

Keynote is Apple’s answer to PowerPoint. And if you want an investment from Rabois, you’d better use Keynote. “Pitching us on PowerPoint would be a negative, a character flaw.”


Microsoft Puts Office On The iPad - Business Insider

mcjillym said: How will I be able to do the self-addressed stamp box? never really done these things before.

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